Crazy Time Strategies Online Casinos

Since its release in 2018, Crazy Time has become one of the most played and beloved live casino games online. Its carnival-style theme, charismatic hosts, and electrifying bonus rounds have captivated players worldwide. But beyond its lively presentation is a game of chance that can reward skillful play. While outcomes are ultimately random, adhering to certain strategies can vastly improve your odds, payouts, and overall enjoyment of Crazy Time. This comprehensive guide explores viable tactics for players of all types, deciphering the game’s mechanics, demystifying RTP, maximizing bonuses, and managing your bankroll. Follow these tips to master Crazy Time and spin the wheel like a pro.

Understanding the Game Mechanics

At its core, Crazy Time is centered around a vertically spinning wheel divided into 54 equal segments. These segments include multipliers ranging from 5x to 100x, along with 4 bonus game symbols – Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko and Crazy Time. Players can bet on which segment the wheel will land on after a spin. Payouts vary based on the risk/reward ratio. Number bets deliver lower but fixed multipliers. Bonus bets have higher odds but bigger payouts. For example, betting on a 5x number pays 5x but has a 1 in 54 chance. Betting on Pachinko pays 7x but the odds are 1 in 13. The more unlikely the outcome, the higher the payout. Understanding these fundamentals is key. Bonus bets offer the biggest wins, so you must factor relative odds into your strategy. While results are ultimately random, your odds increase by targeting segments statistically more likely to occur.

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Crazy Time Strategy for Every Player

Crazy Time accommodates a variety of strategies based on your risk tolerance and preferences:

Low-Risk Strategy

For more risk-averse players, focus on making number bets to incrementally build your bankroll. With wins capped at 100x, you won’t score huge payouts but lower odds provide smaller but more frequent wins. Make additional low-risk bets like Bonus or Coin Flip to spice things up while minimizing losses. The key is maximizing playtime and avoiding volatility through lower-risk bets.

Medium-Risk Strategy

Find a balance between number bets and higher-risk bonus bets. Use number bets to get comfortable then make selective bonus bets. Analyze the wheel’s recent trends. If you notice it landing on Cash Hunt more often, capitalize by betting on it. When your bankroll is healthy, splurge on riskier bets with bigger payout upside. But don’t get reckless. Return to safer bets when needed. This balanced approach provides security while still chasing big bonuses.

High-Risk Strategy

Aggressive players should primarily target the lucrative but unlikely bonus games, especially the 42:1 paying Crazy Time. You’ll endure more losses but bonuses can deliver huge payouts. Refine your timing as well. Save risky bets until the wheel is already spinning, when you can spot potential trends. This tactical approach means you’ll lose more spins but win bigger overall. Back losses with safer bets to rebuild your bankroll for the next bold bonus bet.

Advanced Strategies

For seasoned players, betting systems like Martingale can optimize results. This system has you double your bet after each loss, allowing you to recoup losses once you finally win. Make number bets to minimize risk then keep doubling your wager until a bonus hit. The key is avoiding an extended losing streak that could bust your bankroll. Try the Fibonacci system as well, increasing bets incrementally according to the Fibonacci sequence.

Advanced Strategies Crazy Time Game

Some sophisticated betting systems can optimize specific strategies:

Martingale System

This system involves doubling your bet after each loss. For example, if you bet $10 and lose, you would then bet $20. If that loses, you would bet $40, and so on until you get a win. This allows recouping short term losses quickly, but bankroll management is crucial as losses escalate bets exponentially.

Reverse Martingale

Here you double your bet after each win instead of loss. This aims to maximize and ride out hot streaks. For example, if you bet $10 and win, you would then bet $20, then $40 etc. until you finally lose. Stop losses must be implemented to prevent giving back all profits after the losing spin.

Fibonacci Betting

With this system you increment your bet after a loss based on the Fibonacci sequence (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, etc). So you might bet $1, lose, bet $1 again, lose, then bet $2, lose, bet $3, lose, bet $5 etc. This increases bets less aggressively than Martingale.


You incrementally increase bets by a set amount after losses (e.g. $5) while decreasing bets after wins by the same amount. This aims to recoup losses while also protecting bankroll when winning. Requires discipline to not increase bets too drastically.

Example Scenario

  • Starting bankroll: $100
  • Starting bet: $10
  • System: Reverse Martingale

Bet #1 – Bet $10, Win $50 — New bankroll = $150
Bet #2 – Bet $20 (double from $10), Win $100 — New bankroll = $250
Bet #3 – Bet $40 (double from $20), Lose — New bankroll

crazy time strategy

Deciphering RTP and Odds

Understanding key mathematical aspects of Crazy Time enhances your strategy. RTP (return to player) indicates how much wagered money is paid back to players over time. Number bets have lower but fixed RTPs – 5x at 20%, 10x at 10%, etc. Bonus bets have higher theoretical RTPs, like 96.31% for Coin Flip and 93.74% for Crazy Time. This shows that bonus bets pay back more to players over time despite higher volatility. Segment odds are also informative. There is a 1 in 54 chance of hitting any specific number, but just a 1 in 13 chance of triggering Cash Hunt. Use these odds to guide your bets. The RTP and odds mathematically favor bonus bets in the long run. Keep this in mind when devising your approach. While short-term results vary, these metrics help optimize your long-term strategy.

Maximizing Bonus Rounds

The lucrative bonus games are what make Crazy Time so entertaining and rewarding. Each bonus has distinct properties to factor into your strategy:

Coin Flip

With its simple heads or tails guessing, Coin Flip offers the highest RTP at 96.31%. It also pays a solid 37x. This makes betting on Coin Flip advantageous despite only 2 possible outcomes. Place bonus bets when you spot the wheel slowing near the Coin Flip zone to potentially trigger this high-value bonus.

Cash Hunt

Cash Hunt delivers frequent but smaller wins up to 50x your stake. Its fast pace adds fun and energy. Cash Hunt’s 95.51% RTP and potential for repeated wins make it a prime target. Wager on Cash Hunt when the wheel is showing momentum shifting toward that zone.


The hypnotic balls of Pachinko provide three shots at up to 900x wins. Its 96.72% RTP is among the best. However, clustering multipliers is rarer. Consider betting on Pachinko when you have ample bankroll to withstand its high volatility.

Crazy Time

Offering up to 42:1 payouts, Crazy Time presents the greatest upside due to its three concentric wheels multiplying odds. Despite a lower 93.74% RTP, the sheer win potential makes Crazy Time a top choice for high-risk players. Bet aggressively when your bankroll is primed for a big swing.

Making bonus bets at key times, aided by understanding each game’s properties, is crucial for maximizing your bonus round payouts.

Bankroll Management

Even with great strategies, bankroll management remains vital. Set a gambling budget and bet size caps based on it to avoid overspending. Accept that you will have winning and losing sessions. Don’t chase losses by betting bigger, as this usually backfires. Lock in profits by withdrawing a portion of winnings so they aren’t lost gambling. Take breaks after big losses or wins to reset emotionally. Avoid tilting by making reckless bets trying to immediately recover losses. This reckless play only makes things worse. With bankroll management, you can survive normal swings in luck to ultimately profit long-term from your skill.

FAQs Crazy Time Casino Strategy

Is there a strategy that ensures you will always win?

No. Crazy Time outcomes are ultimately random, so no strategy can guarantee steady wins. But using tactics to maximize odds improves your chances versus blind betting.

What is the best bonus game to target for highest payouts?

Crazy Time offers the biggest payout potential at up to 42:1 your stake. But its lower RTP means wins are less frequent. Coin Flip delivers a balance of solid 37:1 wins and stronger 96.31% RTP.

Should you use betting systems like Martingale?

Systems like Martingale can optimize winnings but also carry added risk. Use conservatively on number bets first to judge whether you can stomach the volatility. Beware that extended losing runs can rapidly drain your bankroll when doubling bets.

Is it better to make riskier bets when you’re ahead or behind?

Make larger bonus bets when ahead, so any losses won’t cripple your bankroll. When chasing losses while already down, safer number bets give you stability to rebuild funds for future big swings.

Does bet size influence the outcomes?

No. Crazy Time’s results are random, so the size of your wager does not affect the spins or bonuses in any way. Bet sizes only impact the scale of your payouts, not your overall odds.


Crazy Time’s random nature means outcomes are always uncertain, but using intelligent strategies based on its mechanics maximizes your payout potential. While no approach guarantees steady profits, players willing to analyze the segments and odds while managing bankroll volatility can optimize results. Whether you prefer low, medium or high-risk tactics, Crazy Time accommodates a variety of styles. So study the wheel, hone your strategy, and brace for some crazy spins. With its electrifying sights and sounds and chance for big wins, Crazy Time is even more rewarding when you play skillfully using the tips and knowledge from this guide. So try out these tactics to truly master Crazy Time and make the most from your time at the wheel.