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crazy time game

Crazy Time Game Overview

Crazy Time is an immersive and exciting live casino game that has taken the online gambling world by storm since its release in 2018. Developed by Evolution Gaming, Crazy Time incorporates elements of a money wheel, Pachinko, and slot machines into one highly entertaining game show-style experience. With its colorful visuals, charismatic hosts, and generous payouts, it’s easy to see why Crazy Time has quickly become one of the most popular live dealer games among players around the world. Offering engaging gameplay, big win potential, and non-stop action, Crazy Time Live provides an unforgettable casino experience that keeps players coming back spin after spin.

Get a bonus:
First Deposit Bonus 100% up to €500 + 200 FreeSpins

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Welcome package:
100% up to €500
+ 200 FreeSpins

Game TypeLive casino game show-style experience
DeveloperEvolution Gaming
Release Year2018
Main WheelLarge vertical wheel divided into 54 equal segments, with numbers and bonus game symbols
Bonus GamesCoin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Crazy Time
Betting OptionsPlayers can bet on specific numbers, bonus games, or combinations covering multiple outcomes
PayoutsRange from 1:1 for lower numbers up to 40:1 for the highest 40x result. Bonus games offer even higher potential payouts
VisualsColorful, vibrant, and engaging with charismatic hosts
PopularityOne of the most popular live dealer games globally due to its engaging gameplay and potential for big wins
StrategiesVarying bet sizes, targeting bonus rounds, managing bankroll, reviewing statistics, and more
Mobile CompatibilityMany online casinos offer mobile versions of Crazy Time
FairnessUses certified random number generation to ensure fair outcomes
Overall RTPApproximately 96.08% (This can vary slightly based on gameplay choices and casino offerings)
RTP for Coin FlipApproximately 95.70%
RTP for Cash HuntApproximately 95.27%
RTP for PachinkoApproximately 94.33%
RTP for Crazy Time BonusApproximately 94.41%

History of Crazy Time Slot

Evolution Gaming, the leading provider of live casino systems, launched Crazy Time in 2018 with the goal of creating their most ambitious and innovative game yet. Taking inspiration from classic game shows like The Price is Right and Wheel of Fortune, the developers designed a dynamic hybrid incorporating familiar casino games with new twists. Crazy Time made its debut at some of the top Evolution Gaming operators, quickly gaining popularity for its eccentric presentation and lucrative bonus rounds. The vibrant colors, eccentric hosts, and over-the-top music created a one-of-a-kind gaming experience unlike any other live casino game. As players around the world were captivated by the fast-paced gameplay and frequent payouts, Crazy Time’s popularity skyrocketed, cementing its place as an all-time great live dealer game just months after its initial release. The huge success of Crazy Time has solidified Evolution Gaming as a leader in pioneering groundbreaking live casino entertainment.

Detailed Gameplay Mechanics

Crazy Time is played with a large vertical wheel divided into 54 equal segments. Each segment is marked with one of four bonus game symbols (Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Crazy Time) or the number 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 40. To start a round, players place bets on which number or bonus game they think the wheel will land on. Bets can cover a specific number or bonus, or combinations covering multiple outcomes. The minimum bet is often around $0.10, while maximum bets frequently exceed $10,000.

After betting concludes, the wheel is spun by the game’s charismatic host. As the wheel slows down, a flashing flapper above the wheel starts hopping between segments, building suspense. Eventually the flapper lands on a single segment, settling the round. If the flapper lands on a number, players who bet on that number win a payout multiplied by their bet amount. Payouts range from 1:1 on lower numbers up to 40:1 for predicting the highest 40x result.

If the flapper lands on one of the four bonus symbols, the corresponding bonus game is triggered. In the Coin Flip bonus, players bet on the results of an animated coin toss. Cash Hunt awards instant cash prizes hidden behind objects chosen by the player. Pachinko involves dropping balls down a pegged board to land in different prize values. Finally, Crazy Time features up to 64 numbered segments that award massive payouts for correct guesses. After each bonus round concludes, players collect any bonus winnings in addition to their main wheel bets.

With its visually stunning presentation and straightforward rules, Crazy Time provides an accessible yet rewarding live casino experience for all types of players. Huge payouts are possible in both the main game and lucrative bonus rounds.

Bonus Rounds Explained

One of the biggest attractions of Crazy Time is the four exhilarating bonus games that can be triggered after any main wheel spin. Here is an in-depth explanation of what makes each bonus game unique:

Coin Flip Bonus Game

In the Coin Flip bonus round, players are presented with a giant virtual coin and must bet on whether it will land on heads or tails once flipped. Bets are made through an on-screen panel displaying the two outcomes. Payouts are determined by the multiplier displayed above the player’s selected side, ranging from 1.2x to 50x the total bonus bet. Once betting ends, the coin dramatically flips through the air in 3D animation before landing on heads or tails. Winners receive their initial bet multiplied by the corresponding payout multiplier. With only two possible outcomes, Coin Flip offers a straightforward 50/50 chance to instantly double your money or more.

Cash Hunt Bonus Game

Cash Hunt brings an action-packed shooting gallery style game to Crazy Time. Players are presented with a 5×5 grid of objects like trees, mushrooms, safes, etc. Each object conceals a hidden cash prize ranging from $0.10 to $500. The player is allowed to shoot and reveal 5 objects, instantly winning the combined cash amounts uncovered. Occasionally a 3x multiplier item appears which triples any remaining boxes if uncovered. With prizes valued up to thousands of dollars available in a single Cash Hunt round, this bonus game provides tremendous payout potential.

Pachinko Bonus Game

Inspired by the famous Japanese pinball machines, the Pachinko bonus round drops balls down a pegged board as players bet on where they will land. The center of the board features a spinning wheel divided into different multiplier segments. As balls pass through pegs and land in different outer slots at the bottom, the corresponding multipliers light up around the wheel. Payouts up to 1000x can be won depending on which multipliers are hit. With flashing lights and physics-driven animations, Pachinko machines have always been hugely popular, making this bonus game a perfect fit for Crazy Time.

Crazy Time Bonus Game

As the signature attraction, Crazy Time lives up to its name with the most frantic and over-the-top bonus round. Players are presented with a wheel featuring 54 numbered double multiplier segments from 5x to 500x. The wheel spins rapidly as players guess where the flapper will land. Correctly guessing the right number scores massive payouts. In addition, the host may randomly activate 2X or 5X multipliers, resulting in some truly astronomical wins. With payouts reaching hundreds of thousands of dollars, Crazy Time provides heart-stopping excitement with every spin.

Strategies and Tips for Winning

While luck plays a key role, there are some strategies and tips players can use to maximize their chances of winning in Crazy Time:

  • Take advantage of betting options – In addition to direct number bets, players can make bets that cover multiple segments, like Odd/Even or Bonus Bets. This increases your odds of a payout.
  • Manage your bankroll – Set a gambling budget and bet incremental amounts you are comfortable with to ensure you have funds if a dry spell occurs.
  • Capitalize on bonus games – Increase bets during bonus rounds, especially when multipliers are higher. The potential payouts outweigh the risks.
  • Learn the payout chart – Memorize the different payouts for number hits. Higher risk bets on 5x or 10x can pay off exponentially.
  • Review statistics – Check stats boards for hot and cold numbers which may indicate betting trends. Ride hot streaks but beware of false patterns.
  • Bet big wisely – Save larger bets for when bonus multipliers are activated or you feel extreme luck. Massive wins can occur with the right timing.
  • Avoid tilting – Don’t let losses cloud judgement and skew strategy. Keep emotions in check and stick to your approach.
  • Have fun – While winning is great, enjoying the gameplay experience is most important. Stay positive through ups and downs.

By blending smart betting practices, bankroll management, and measured risk-taking, players can optimize their Crazy Time performance while having a blast in the process. But ultimately, the game’s engaging nature is meant to be embraced win or lose.

Crazy Time Casino Online

Crazy Time’s immense popularity amongst players worldwide has led to its rapid adoption across many top online casinos. Here are some of the premier sites offering excellent Crazy Time gameplay:

Get a bonus:
First Deposit Bonus 100% up to €500 + 200 FreeSpins

Welcome package:
100% up to €500
+ 200 FreeSpins + Bonus Crab
Welcome package:
100% up to €500
+ 200 FreeSpins


How do I play?

  • Crazy Time is easy to learn. Simply place bets on the numbers or bonus symbols you think the wheel will land on. Sit back as the host spins the wheel and watch to see if you won!

What are the optimal strategies?

  • There is no definitive best strategy, but varying bet sizes and targeting bonus rounds can improve payout potential. Managing bankroll and bets is key.

What is the best bet to make?

  • Lower risk bets like Even/Odd or Bonus bets maximize chances of some payout. Higher risk bets on 10x or 20x can yield bigger individual wins. Varying bets is recommended.

Can I play Crazy Time on mobile?

  • Yes, many online casinos now offer mobile compatibility for their live dealer games including Crazy Time. Tablet gameplay provides the full experience.

Is Crazy Time rigged?

  • No, Crazy Time uses certified random number generation to ensure fair outcomes just like any casino game. Luck ultimately determines wins.

Can I play Crazy Time for free?

  • Unfortunately there is no free play version. As a live game, bets must use real money. Some sites offer signup bonuses for free plays.

What is the best online casino for Crazy Time?

  • Top casinos like BetMGM, Borgata, and BetRivers offer excellent Crazy Time gameplay and welcome bonuses. Check your local market.

What is the biggest payout possible?

  • Crazy Time’s 500x multiplier segment offers a maximum possible payout of $250,000 on a $500 bet. Massive wins are quite rare but achievable.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

With its lively carnival theme, charismatic hosts, and simple but exhilarating gameplay, Crazy Time has become a global phenomenon in the live casino industry. Players around the world are drawn to the game’s big betting options, generous payouts, and chance to ride exciting winning streaks across thousands of spins. The entertaining bonus rounds add variety and keep the action interesting every step of the way. For newcomers and experienced players alike, Crazy Time offers easy accessibility blended with high-octane casino fun. While outcomes rely heavily on luck, small strategies can help optimize the experience. For casino fans looking for their new favorite game, Crazy Time’s whirling money wheel undoubtedly provides one crazy ride that keeps players coming back again and again. Now that you know the game inside and out, it’s time to take your seat, make your bets, and embrace the madness of Crazy Time!